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Suzhou WeighI Equipment CO., LTD.

Electronic Analytical Balance ESJ-120A

Personal Care Appliances
Electronic Analytical Balance ESJ-120A


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Offer Category: Personal Care Appliances  -  Scales

Offer Post Time: 2018-08-02

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Model: ESJ-120A


Carriage: Shanghai


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 Electronic Analytical Balance

ESJ model
ESJ series adopts the internationally realized rear type electromagnetic force sensor
technology of high sensitivity and high stability, is the balances lead the similar industrial products. With creative fashion appearance, excellent texture, strict and exquisite craftsmanship, this series balance wins a higher quality and price orientation.
This series is widely used in the industries of scientific research, education, medical
treatment, metallurgy, agriculture etc.
* Rear type electromagnetic force sensor.
* Detachable LCD display, avoid of shock and vibration to the balance when user operates the keys.
* All transparent glass windshield, samples can be seen entirely and clearly.
* RS232 communication port, Select USB interface.
* Internal weights one key calibration.
* Filling weighing function,Percentage weighing function,Count weighing function,Bottom weighing function
* Select the below hook weighing device.
* Select thermal printer.

Model ESJ-120A ESJ-210A ESJ-120B ESJ-210B
Capacity(g) 120 210 120 210
Calibration way Internal Calibration External Calibration
Readability(g) 0.0001